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We have surpassed the barriers of a traditional exchange

by integrating functionalities that allow you to make the most of your digital assets.

Wallet DEX

Your assets truly belong to you

Your Wallet
is encrypted

Your Wallet
is decentralized

You do not depend
on intermediaries

If you value privacy, security, and complete control over your cryptocurrencies, a decentralized wallet may be the best option for you.

Now introducing

Acquire your Futswap Token now and be part of our growth!

Swap the place where magic happens

Exchange all your cryptocurrencies instantly in one place so you can top up your Futcard and pay around the world.

Pay at any store and withdraw money at any ATM worldwide with our Futcard.

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In our Neo Exchange platform, you can:

Request your physical and/or virtual card

Manage your balance from the App

View transaction history

Plan Invest

Do you have liquidity and seek competitive returns?

This is your ideal place. Learn about our non-blocked Staking plans and maximize the potential of your assets.

1 st

36% APR

Until the

Minimum Tokens

Maximum Tokens

2 nd

24% APR

Until the

Minimum Tokens

Maximum Tokens

3 ed

12% APR

Until the

Minimum Tokens

Maximum Tokens

*APR = Periodic Rate X Number of Periods in a Year

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